KinderSmart Learning System

At Iman, we make learning fun! The KinderSmart Learning System, is designed for the joyful learning and holistic development of our preschoolers with a special emphasis on thinking skills. It addresses all the six learning domains which are critical to a child’s holistic development, P1 readiness and life-long learning.

Six Development Areas

We feature an outstanding and engaging program - integrating academic and extra-curricular aspects of learning. Our creatively designed pre-school curriculum comprises of fun-filled, activity-based and thematic learning modules that optimises early childhood development.

Our Program offers

  • KinderArt
  • KinderMusic
  • KinderTheatre
  • KinderConcert

Aesthetics & Creative Expression

Our Program offers

  • KinderWow
  • CultureTalk
  • EduVisit

Discovery of the World

Our Program offers

  • Outdoor Learning Experiences
  • Amazing Race
  • Kiddolympics
  • KinderCheer

Motor Skills Development

Our Program offers

  • PhotoMath
  • KinderMath


Our Program offers

  • KinderLeaders
  • Zippy's Friends
  • KinderPreneurship

Social & Emotional Development

Our Program offers

  • KinderWriter
  • KinderReader
  • KinderNews
  • KinderMeeting
  • KinderPresenter

Language & Literacy